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INA is vertically integrated oil and gas company operating in oil and gas exploration and production, refining and marketing of oil products. Its subsidiaries are engaged in LPG business, natural gas transportation and providing integradted oilfield services. INA is a medium-sized European oil company and a significant regional player. For the time being it is owned by the Republic of Croatia but privatisation plans are under way.

Phone: ++385 20 812 910
Petrol Station INA

- Super 98
- Eurosuper 95
- Eurodiesel
- Diesel
- Eurodiesel - Blue Lubricants
- Sea vessels fuel supply
- Public phone
Payment possibility:

Working hours of petrol stations determined according to:
- SUMMER WORKING HOURS: June 1 to Sept 30

There are two ways to shop for food and household things in the Town of Vela Luka. You can do all your shopping in one place at the large supermarket. On the other hand, you can shop in the different types of small stores in the town. Large supermarket is located outside of the town center, along a main road. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood can be found in local "open type" market located in a centre of the town. Fresh meat is selling in several bakeries. Major parts of stores are opened all day from 7:00h to 21:00h during summer season except Sunday (from 7:00h to 12:00h).The food shop, which is situated in the inner centre of the town, is opened from 6:00h to 23:00h every day in the week.

The Town of Vela Luka offer 760 beds in hotels: ADRIA, POSEJDON, JADRAN AND DALMACIJA, offering its guests a pleasant stay and rest with the gifts of nature that have a unique way of displaying its mediterranean origin.The hotels have an architecture that strives to blend with the nature and southern features of this region.
Hotel Adria
Hotel Adria
Situated in a tranquil bay, among olive groves, 2.5 km from the center of Vela Luka. Hotel Adria has its own private beach, an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna and massage Facilities. Two tennis courts are available for the energetic holidaymakers. A path through pine groves along the coast makes for an enjoyable walk to the center. In the evenings live music on the terrace to accompany your evening meal. Hotel Adria offers much to ensure an enjoyable holiday for singles or families.

- 125 Double rooms {with WC, shower, telephone]
- 2 Apartments
- Dining Room
- National Restaurant
- 2 Aperitif Bars
- Indoor Swimming Pool
- Sauna
- 2 Tennis courts
- Gymnasium
- Satellite TV
- Hairdressing Salon
- Congress Room
- Souvenir Shop
- Live Music on Terrace
- Parking area
Hotel Posejdon
Hotel Posejdon
Situated across the bay from the center of Vela Luka, with its own beach and fully equipped diving center. You can take a leisurely 1.2km walk along the coast to the center or a quick boat ride. All Facilities are available to guests to ensure an enjoyable holiday. In the evenings relax to the sounds of live music on the sea-facing terrace.

- 148 Double Rooms (with WC, Shower, Telephone)
- Dining Room
- Aperitif Bar
- Pebble Beach
- Parking Area
- Terrace
- Satellite TV
- Live Music on the Terrace
- Fully equipped Diving Centre
Hotel Jadran
Hotel Jadran
Hotel Jadran is a small hotel in the center of Vela Luka. Ideal for school excursions, students, backpackers. Close to the hotel are many caffe bars and sport Facilities. All rooms have Shower and WC.
Hotel Dalmacija
Hotel Dalmacija
Hotel Dalmacija is a small, friendly hotel situated in the center of Vela Luka, with a sea-facing terrace offering a view of Island Osjak. We offer ideal accommodation for the businessman or holidaymaker.

- 23 Double rooms (With WC, shower, telephone, TV)
- Restaurant
- Caffe Bar
- Terrace

There are more than 9 small very comfortable restaurants built and decorated in typical mediterranean manner in Vela Luka, offering a great variety of dishes; various tasteful meat and fish dishes such as Dalmatian smoked ham and cheese, octopus salad, omelet, spaghetti, risotto, calamari, clams, chicken, fish filet, scampi, cevapcici, raznjici, beefsteak, rump steak, fish plate, meat plate, etc. In general, restaurants offer traditional Dalmatian cuisine and local specialities, Croatian continental cuisine, and international cuisine. The working hours of most restaurants are from 11.00 - 24.00. A restaurant's menu is shown at the entrance, as well as the signs of the credit cards accepted (most major credit cards are generally accepted). The large number of returning and satisfied guests testifies about the high level of service and quality of food which are served at Restaurants of Vela Luka. The major part of the restaurants are opened only during the summer season.

Restaurants in the Town of Vela Luka:
- Restaurant in Hotel Dalmacija (opened all year)
- Restaurant Ribar
- Restaurant Lucica
- Restaurant Pod Bore (opened all year)
- Restaurant Casablanca
- Restaurant Feral
- Restaurant Davorin
- Restaurant/pizzeria More
- Restaurant on Island of Proizd

Vela Luka offers like all the other Mediterranean regions everything for a good pizza. Pizzerias in Vela Luka are very well known for its quality and perfect service. The service and the excelent cuisine guarantees a great time that you will spend, eating and drinking. You may also accompany your pizza with a great variety of bottled Croatian wines and many different kinds of beers. All pizzerias have terraces offering unforgettable experience even for those who only stop in Vela Luka for a few hours. The major part of the pizzerias are opened only during the summer season.

Pizzerias in the Town of Vela Luka:
- Pizzeria Riva
- Pizzeria Vertigo
- Pizzeria Alfa (opened all year)
- Restaurant/pizzeria More
- Cafe Bar/pizzeria Casablanca

In Cafe Bars of Vela Luka you can leave your worries outside the door, enter and hang out with friends and with the rest of the crowd. With the music in your ears and the drink in your hands enjoy in friendly atmosphere. Cafe Bars of Vela Luka are waiting for you to have fun! We have all kinds of cafe bars around Vela Luka. Each one of them is unique, with its own style and music, various coffee types, drinks and ice cream. You may start your day, enjoying your juice, ice cream or coffee, at one of our beautiful Cafe Bars. In the nights you may enjoy your drink, listening to good music, and having fun with your favorite persons. All Cafe bars are opened all year.

Cafe Bars in the Town of Vela Luka:
- Cafe Bar Karaka
- Internet/Cafe Bar Duvana
- Cafe Bar Gage
- Cafe Bar Bata
- Cafe Bar Roxy
- Cafe Bar Casablanca
- Cafe Bar Popeye
- Cafe Bar Tropicana
- Cafe Bar Oscar
- Cafe Bar Allo Allo

On this page you are going to find a detailed description of the journey with the belonging sailing schedules, time tables and useful information.
From:     Zagreb
Drvenik     From:     Ploce
Useful information
Entrance in Croatia
Motor vehicles
Currency and Exchange Rate
Helth services
Useful links     Health and Road Safety
Working hours
Important Phone Numbers
Arrival of vessels by seaway or offshore-way
from Zagreb

To :

- Vela Luka directly (Every day)
- Rijeka
- Split

Zagreb Bus Station (web site)
Check your local bus company for lines to Croatia
* * *

To :

- Split
- Dubrovnik

Check your airline company for lines to Croatia

Click here for time tables
* * *

If you want to go to Vela Luka by car.
Check Map of Croatia - Road map (75.4Kb 11.2sec @ 56.6Kbps)

    HAK (web site)
Croatian Auto Club
* * *
from Rijeka
By FERRY (passenger/car)

To :

- Split
- Town of Korcula directly

JADROLINIJA (web site)
Croatian Ferry-boat company.

Click here for sailing schedules
* * *
To : - Split
* * *
Along the coast  to SPLIT, DRVENIK, PLOCE or OREBIC
* * *
from Split
By FERRY (passenger/car)

To :

- Vela Luka directly (Every day)
- Town of Korcula

Click here for sailing schedules
* * *
By HYDROFOIL (passenger)
To :     - Vela Luka directly (Every day)
Departure: 14:00h
Arrival: 16:00h
* * *
Along the coast  to DRVENIK, PLOCE or OREBIC
* * *
from Drvenik
By FERRY (passenger/car)
To Town of Korcula Click here for sailing schedules
* * *
from Ploce
By FERRY (passenger/car)
To Trpanj on Peljesac (continue to Orebic) Click here for sailing schedules
* * *
from Orebic
By FERRY (passenger/car)
To Town of Korcula (Domince) Click here for sailing schedules
* * *
from Korcula
* * *
from Dubrovnik
By BUS to Vela Luka directly (Every day)
By CAR to Orebic
By FERRY (passenger/car) to Town of Korcula Click here for sailing schedules
* * *
Entrance in Croatia
A passport is needed for entering Croatia. Citizens of the western countries can enter Croatia with an identity card or some other personal identification document. When first entering the country with a passport tourist residence is allowed to last 3 mounths. or a longer residence one should submit a request for residence prolongation with the competent municipality. In the first entrance with an ID ones permitted residence duration is 30 days. In Croatia, foreigners going in for business activities is subject to the obligation of getting a working permit.
Motor vehicles
In order for a vehicle to enter Croatia one needs a green card as evidence that the vehicle is insured. For vehicles without a green card it is necessary to arrange a short-term insurance in the corresponding office at the border crossing. Trailers get insured automatically with the vehicle, and only while they are hooked up to the vehicle. A special green card for trailers is submitted only upon a special request and is recommended because it is obligatory in Republic of Slovenia.

Minimum driving age is 18.

Documents: International driving license. Third party insurance is obligatory. The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory

Motorcycles: The wearing of crash helmets is compulsory for rider and passenger. Dipped headlights must be used at all times.

Traffic regulations are similar to those in force in other European countries (right-hand traffic!!! ). For driving in Croatia during the winter months, especially in the Gorski Kotar region, winter tires are essential and in extreme cases snow chains have to be used.

Speed limits: On overland roads 100 km/h, on motorways 130 km/h and in built-up areas 50 km/h unless otherwise stipulated.

Drunken driving (permissible alcohol limit 0.5 promiles) is punishable and can lead to confiscation of driving license and severe fines.

Petrol pumps: open from 7 am to 7 or 8 pm every day; in the summer season till 10 pm; on-duty petrol pumps in bigger cities and on main international roads are open non-stop; all pumps sell Eurosuper 95, Super 98, Normal and Eurodiesel

Taxi service: in all cities and tourist places

Car rentals: in all bigger cities, tourist centers and airports

Toll is payable on a number of highways and road tunnels. Prices for personal vehicles are as follows: audemars piguet replica watches
Zagreb - Karlovac.....................
Karlovac - Vukova Gorica........
Tunnel Ucka..............................
Bridge to Krk............................
Lepenica - Rijeka......................
Zagreb - Slavonski Brod...........
Zagreb - Krapina......................
Gorican - Varazdin....................
Sv. Helena - Zagreb..................
Zagreb - Jastrebarsko................
    15 kn
8 kn
20 kn
10 kn
12 kn
45 kn
10 kn
10 kn
10 kn
7 kn
Currency and Exchange Rate
The official currency of the Republic of Croatia is the Kuna, which has 100 Lipa. Foreign currency may be exchanged in banks, exchange offices and post offices in accordance with the valid exchange rate.
All major credit cards (American Express, Diners, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard) and Eurocheques (after being changed in banks) are accepted. Accessing money on ATMs is possible in all larger cities and the more important tourist areas; the ATMs of Zagrebacka banka accept Eurocard/Mastercard, and ATM of Euronet accept Diners, American Express and Visa.
Nominal values are:
COINS - 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 lipa, 1, 2, 5, 25 kuna.
NOTES - 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 kuna.
1 kuna = 100 lipas.

Domestic currency up to the value of KN 2000 can be exported.
Foreign currencies can be imported and exported freely.

1 EUR = appx. 7.4 HRK (HRK = Kn = Kuna)
1 USD = appx. 7.5 HRK

All major credit cards are accepted in most restuarants and shops: Diners Club, Mastercard, AMEX and Visa.
Helth services
Foreign tourists do not have to pay for medical services if there is a signed health insurance convention between Croatia and their country of origin. Health care costs for tourists from a country that does not have a signed convention with Croatia are paid directly by the user in accordance with listed prices. Hospitals are in all of the larger cities and clinics in the smaller towns. Pharmacies are open from 8 am to 7 pm weekdays, till 2 pm Saturdays; in larger cities on-duty pharmacies are open 24 hours.
Health and Road Safety

In your healths best interest and for travelling safely, we recommend that you consider the following before embarking on a trip:
- Make a detailed plan of your trip and check your car safety.
- Consult your physician if you suffer from a chronic disease.
- Check the side effects of drugs as they can make you sleepy or slow down your reaction time.
- Dont drink and drive as alcohol impairs your driving ability - your reaction time may become slow and the judgement of risk seriously affected.
- Avoid driving between midnight and 6am as this is when ones body clock is in daily throng and when one can easily fall asleep.
- Avoid even short drives in the middle of the afternoon during heat spells.
- Wear clothes made of light fabrics that can absorb sweat.
Take a short fifteen-minute break every two hours; while taking a break, have a light snack (eat light meals and drink a lot of water and soft drinks).
- If you feel tired or sleepy while driving, stop at the nearest pull-up and rest for at least 15-20 minutes.
- Always use a seat belt; young children have to be placed in child car seats.
- Obey traffic lights and road signs; reduce and adapt your speed in accordance with road and weather conditions; obey the speed limit; keep your driving distance; observe and anticipate pedestrians, children, cyclers and bikers.

information on traffic and road conditions:
Croatian Radio 2 - the frequencies 90.5; 93.3; 98.5; 99.7; 107.45 MHz
Croatian Autoclub (HAK) - phone: 46 48 800

Useful telephone numbers >
Working hours
Banks and post offices are generally open from 7AM to 7PM without breaks, and public offices from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4PM. During the tourist season, post offices are generally open until 9PM, including Saturdays. Shops and department stores work from 8AM to 8PM without breaks.
Important Phone Numbers
International telephone access code for Croatia is +385. The area codes for the largest cities and their surroundings areas are as follows: Zagreb 01, Split 021, Rijeka 051, Osijek 034. Omit the 0 when dialing from abroad. To place an outgoing international call from Croatia, dial 00 plus the relevant country code and number.
Fire - Brigade
Road assistance
General information
Arrival of vessels by seaway or offshore-way
If you are arriving to Croatia on a ship, yacht or a boat by sea-way, you are obligated to sail in without stopping in one of the harbors opened to international traffic, that is in one of the harbors in which there is a seasonal international sea-border crossing.
Harbors opened to international traffic are: Umag, Porec, Rovinj, Pula, Rasa-Brsica, Rijeka, Mali Losinj, Senj, Maslenica, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Ploce, Metkovic, Korcula and Dubrovnik.
Seasonal international sea-borders crossing are: Novigrad (Istria), Sali, Soline, Primosten, Ravni Zakan, Hvar, Ubli (Island of Lastovo) and Vis.
Sailing without stopping includes the right of harmless passing through the territorial sea of Republic of Croatia to the chosen harbor opened for international traffic. Port of Entry is the point of sailing in and giving up to passport control and costum clearance. In case that by reason of force majeure you are obligated to report yourself to the nearest port-authority or the branch-harbor office as soon as possible. If you are coming to Republic of Croatia by an offshore route, you are obligated to verbally report the vessel to the borders customs. Vessels longer than 3 meters and vessels shorter than 3 meters of the skimming type (jet ski, gliders) have to be reported before dropping into sea to the port authority or the branch-harbor office. Vehicles that are together with the trailer longer than 18.75 meters or wider than 2.55 meters or higher than 4 meters are allowed to travel on Croatian roads only with a special permit, which can be obtained with the forwarder. The preparation of the permit can take some time.