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Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d. is the largest and the oldest financial institution in the Republic of Croatia, with a long continuity of banking operations.
It was established in 1962 as a universal bank on the basis and the banking tradition of The First Croatian Savings Bank, itself established in 1846 in Zagreb by the members of the Farming Association of Croatia and Slavonia.
Dubrovacka banka d.d. - The Bank remains particulary active in Dalmatia and other tourism centres, and its adherence to the Nova banka Group has made the Bank through a wide network of sub-branches and ATM-s very attractive and easily accessible to a great number of clients throughout Croatia. Following the trend to carry less cash, Dubrovacka banka offers to its clients VISA Electron, VISA Classic and VISA Business cards. The card enables our clients to profit of all the advantages which this mode of payment brings, offering them the possibility of cash withdrawal at 760 000 VISA network ATM-s with card acceptance at 24 million points of sale globally.
Splitska Banka d.d. - a member of HVB Group and the leading Visa bank in Croatia with 300,000 customers, selected the Euronet card and merchant software packages to accommodate a comprehensive electronic funds transfer business with ATM, POS, debit and credit card solutions. Splitska Banka has full functionality to provide processing services to other banks as well. The bank expanded its existing Euronet solutions, which included ATM and POS management, ATM recharge and connections to Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Splitska Banka is one of four banks in the HVB Group that has partnered with Euronet to provide financial solutions. Euronet also has HVB partnerships in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic